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Unfortunately, once we’d found the perfect resume, we looked at it and realized that what the computer software loved is an incredibly plain, stripped down document. It has no life and no visually-appealing elements. There was no way this would ever catch the eye of a recruiter, even if it had succeeded by making it into their hands.We understand your frustration, and have created a solution to the challenge by building a resume that looks good to humans and that the ATS systems will allow to pass through. Our ATS-friendly resume was developed by accessing and carefully studying the ATS platforms that most employers are using. Once we had API access, we started experimenting with different formats and fonts, headers and tags to see what made it through and what got bounced out. We didn’t stop until we’d found a formula that worked every time, with every system.


Once we realized that our perfect solution was imperfect, we got back to work. We needed to find a way to make the ATS-friendly resume formula that we’d created visually attractive for recruiters and hiring managers. What we learned was that if we even made a tiny change to a design element, it could cause a big problem for the ATS system – there was something in their programming that just couldn’t accept the hierarchical changes that made a resume look better.

So the answer was not to make changes to the ATS-Compliant resume. We tried another approach, working on finding a way to take a visually attractive resume and an ATS-proof version and turn the two documents into one. After many hours and many attempts, we finally found a way to do it. We layered the two documents together, making the beautiful resume completely invisible to the computers and the bland, ATS-Compliant version invisible to humans. We tested, and retested and tested again, sending our bot-proof version to all of the ATS systems and they made it through every time.

Our success left us ecstatic, and needless to say there was a good deal of celebrating in our office. We had succeeded in creating an ATS Compliant resume that would make a great first impression on a recruiter!

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